Are the prints imported?
No we print them in house, we have a commercial license to be able to sell them to you. What is great about this is we are able to print a custom colour just for you. Message us for more information.

What are they made from? 
Each print is made from a Plastic we refer to as PLA in the printing world. It is the most commonly used material in 3d Printing, its biosourced and biodegradable so you know that when that inevitable time comes and it is thrown out it wont sit for lifetimes in a landfill.

What age is recommended for the prints?
We generally recommend at least 8 years of age, some prints have small moving parts and to protect wee ones we recommend this age. 

How sturdy are the prints?
We ensure that our prints are as sturdy as possible. However when it comes to the babies or smaller prints a little extra care will be needed to make sure they are looked after as they have smaller parts which makes them a wee bit more fragile. Not a problem if a piece breaks off from exuberant play, it can be superglued back together no problem. 

How can I clean my product?
Do not use hot water, the plastic used to print your amazing creations can warp. So in turn use a luke warm water and dishwashing liquid to give it a really good scrub but take care of course. Do not soak your new friend as they will absorb water and potentially cause weakening of their joints etc. Drip dry or dry with a handy towel and you are good to go. Please do not put your friend in the dishwasher, they wont come out the same again :(

Do you take custom orders?
Yes of course we do, just send us  an email and we can discuss what you are wanting us to print for you.

We have a range of subscriptions to many different artists to be able to bring you the most amazing prints.